Our Miracle is Here

Our Miracle is Here
Welcome Little Angel Grayson James Walker

Monday, December 5, 2011


Two days ago Patrick and I decided that we should move out of our house due to the financial burden it is putting on us right now.  I've been tired of wondering from week to week if we will be able to stay in the house or pay for our cars because of financial issues.  His job wouldn't allow him to come back to work and as a result our finances were suffering.  I became bitter and frustrated.  I was angry with him but knew some things could be done to relieve the stress.  Moving out of the house would help our family during this time as my parents would let us stay there.  I didn't want to think about moving out of our house because I love having privacy and just some place to call my home.  Since I just put up the Christmas tree, and Patrick put up Ellie and Noah's Mickey Mouse lights, the thought of moving was something I wanted to avoid.  We talked to my parents and they said that they would love to have us stay with them.  With the things we will be facing soon, this choice started to seem perfect.  While I would love to be in my house at Christmas and have some type of stability, maybe this would be best.  Mom and I took off from work and started packing.  We packed the kid's rooms and accomplished quite a bit.  I felt relieved but sad at the same time.  In the moments that I was angry and wondered why I was going through this on top of everything else, God spoke.  He reminded me that this home is not "my" home.  After making the sacrifice to give up our house to restore peace with our family, God spoke again.  Heather, "There will be other homes."  I might have to give up my comfort and privacy right now but there will come a time when I may have it again.

The next day, Patrick was talking to our landlord and we found out that they wanted to work with us.  They said that they really wanted us to stay because they knew we were going through alot.  God worked out that situation because I definitely didn't want to move out 3 weeks before Christmas, but was going to do whatever needed to be done.  God is good.  He has proven Himself so faithful.

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  1. I read a Christian Living book series recently and one of the girls had a baby that had anencephaly. You may have already heard of it but I wanted to pass it on. They are by Karen Kingsbury and the series with this in it is Sunrise series. All of her books on this family are great and inspiring. I am praying for your family