Our Miracle is Here

Our Miracle is Here
Welcome Little Angel Grayson James Walker

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Slowing Down

Everything with the Grayson Project has taken off so fast!! Don't get me wrong, its exciting but a littl overwhelming. My goal right now is to come up with a schedule to prioritize everything that way it should be.  It takes alot of work to start an organization.  I've learned that very quickly.  I have also realized that if I don't watch out, The Grayson Project could take precedence over everything else in my life.  I know that everything with this project will come together in due time.  So much has been done and so many people have given generously.  The support of everyone locally, nationally, and internationally are what it takes to raise awareness for this cause.  Last Tuesday, June 19th, I was able to take our first Grayson's Gift to a family in Jackson, TN.  The gift basket included a bible, journal, canvas with ink pad for footprints, a blanket, bib, and a casting kit.  The Walkers were extremely thankful for this small gift.  It was my pleasure to pass along something dear to my heart.  Though Grayson couldn't be here to deliver the gift with me, his life is being remembered in the process.  I want to thank everyone for their prayers, encouragement, and donations towards this ministry!! It's all coming together and I'm simply remembering that it's all falling into place.


  1. Have you ever considered removing the definition of anencephaly taken from the NINDS? But I believe it is pure speculation to say that any living baby has no consciousness. It is impossible to know this for certain. I am sure you talked with your Grayson. You would not have done that if you thought he wasn't hearing you. Either way, God bless your family. Stay close to Christ.

  2. Beautiful Family:

    Sometimes I think I know what it means to love someone, but others I believe I am a learner of life. God chose you because He knows how much you are able to love. I would have much to say, as talking about my daughter was born with a defect that we only discovered after birth. But nothing that prevents her from growing happy and healthy. I read many articles written by you and just have to thank, because I think I should try to be a much better mother.

    I BELIEVE that Grayson has always felt the love of you, since he was generated until the last breath, because he had his own spirit as we are.

    I regret very much when you told that a photograph of Grayson was withdrawn. I agree with your statements. Even if were a life so "different from the conventional" (for them) can not be ignored. That was a fact! Absolutely true. I am very upset about the invasion of the media, leading many harmful matters into my house.

    May the peace of God be with us all.

    With great affection and respect,

  3. I was looking at my local news stations facebook page today when I came across your story and followed your link. I'm so glad I did. I've heard of babies being born with this condition in the past but had no idea it had physical features to the defect.It has raised my awareness but in no way have your pictues and story offended me and anyone that is offended must be incredibly shallow. I myself was born with a congenital defect,but one you can't see. I was born with a congenital heart defect that I was able to have surgery at 5 for. I've had 4 healthy beautiful girls. When I was pregnant with my first daughter a friend suggested I get an ultrasound on my unborn daughters heart.When I brought this up to my doctor he told me the only hospital to do that was an hour away and if my child had the defect would I have an abortion? Of course I said no and he said then don't waste your money. That daughter (Heather Ann)Shares your sons birthday..2/15/87 is now 25 and has given me a beautiful granddaughter. My 2nd daughter Angela Was born in October of 88 2mths early. I went into the hospital at 29 wks and they gave me 2 shots of steroids and tried to keep me out of labor for at least a week so her lungs could mature.She held on for 10 days.While I was delivering the doctors discovered that her skin was tearing on her head as she was trying to come through the birth canal.They performed an emergency c-section and she was left with a large scar on her scalp.Other than that she was healthy and did well.She was born 3 lbs. She was in the N.I.C.U only 1 mth. She was scheduled for all the typical preemie tests to make sure her hearing and sight were in tact.I bought her a unicorn mobile for Christmas and on Christmas day she lay under it and watched it and cooed and smiled for the first time.Had she been born on her due date she would have only been 5 days old so it was incredible to watch her do that. Before then she had mostly slept wich was to be expected.She was a healthy 6 pounds and was just beginning to seem like a newborn.

  4. Unfortunatly the day after Christmas I woke to a baby who had passed from S.I.D.S. Up until that day I really had no idea what that was. I remember the hospital allowing me to go back and hold my daughter for some time After they dressed and wrapped her.Some people said they didn't think it was a good idea for hospitals to allow this But I will never forget those precious moments I and my family got to spend with her one last time. I was reading a story about child abuse when I saw your story and clicked on your link,and I'm so glad I did. Your videos, pictures, and story are all done beautifully and with such love. I have very few pictures of my daughter Angela and wished I had something like this. And I commend you and your family for your bravery and courage,not for posting pictures of a child with a birth defect,but for posting the most intimant,private precious moments of you,your familys,and your childs life.Only a mother knows that unmistakable and literal ache in your arms and empty feeling in your chest when you lose such a precious gift.I'm so glad for you that you not only got to be there when God gave you that gift but you got to be with him when he took him home.It is wonderful to see that you enjoyed every precious second you had with him! I wish more people in the world would do that with their children ..the world would be a different place.My dughter left in the night. I came acrossed the medication that they had my daughter on when she came home on a website, and it now comes with a warning that infants should not take it for the risk of S.I.D.S. Unfortunatly some of us suffer for others to be aware and benefit from our loss.Your site is far from offensive.I could do nothing but bawl while I watched your videos and read your storys and looked at your pictures. And then be very grateful for the time I had with my little one although it seemed like a blink of an eye.And grateful for the 3 healthy daughters and granddaughter still here.My wish for the people who think this is offensive is that they never have to feel the pain of your family to become less shallow and that one day they will be able to feel the love you do! Thank you for sharing your story and god bless you!

  5. I lost my first child to Anencaphaly, our princess Sophie Noel. I have since had two more children, two very healthy boys. Reading your blog lets me know that I am not alone! When you set up your foundation I would love to be apart of bringing awareness to this life changing defect.

  6. Heather, you are a very strong woman. Keep your faith, it does get easier, but you will still have your "blue days" especially when it his birthday. I too had a baby girl with anencaphaly, she lived for 4 1/2 days. She was my first born and I now have two children, son and daughter that are healthy. Keep up the great work and hats off to you for sharing your journey. I did not know about my daughter Rachel have the birth defect until 2 days before she was born. I was in shock and did not think to take pictures like you did.

  7. Hello Heather I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I discovered your story today. September 1st of this year will mark the 3 year anniversary that I lost my precious little niece. In honor of her I will be attending the walk in Washington for infant loss. The whole time I am walking I will be thinking of your story. Good bless you, your family and that precious baby boy!

  8. Hi heather. I live in Knoxville Tn and have lost 2 babies to anencephaly and polycystic kidney disease. Otherwise known as meckel Gruber syndrome. Good bless you for what you did for your baby. God bless you and your family. I know the pain and it's hard. But you will learn to live with it in time. Slowly you will make it day by day.

    1. Btw i'm Tracy wilson in Knoxville tn