Our Miracle is Here

Our Miracle is Here
Welcome Little Angel Grayson James Walker

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Enough heartache for one day

I woke up this morning reminded of another mommy who was on her way to have her precious baby girl.  Stephanie Cribb delivered a beautiful baby girl, Kendall, at 9:57 a.m.  I was praying the whole time but really wanted to pick up the phone or drive down to Georgia to just be there.  I felt the anxiety and anticipation of this sweet baby girls birth just like I did 3.5 months ago.  Though I wanted to just check the updates of this sweet family throughout the day, I wasn't able to because I had 6 children to look after.  My mind quickly went from sadness to joy as I watched them jump into the pool.  Their contagious giggles were just what I needed.  I thought and prayed about this sweet family throughout the day and saw their status.  Sweet Kendall went to be with Jesus.  I cried. I knew she was with Grayson, but I knew the sadness that was filling her parents' hearts.  I know that God is surrounding them with so much comfort right now.  I know that He is in that room.  I pray that they are able to sleep tonight.  The road isn't easy but it is possible.

As if that wasn't heartbreaking enough,  I discovered that a little girl, Lucy Krull, was fighting her battle with cancer once again.  From what I understand, she was doing well until this past weekend.  Apparently the cancer had come back and Lucy had taken a turn for the worse.  For the last year and a few months, we have been praying for this precious little angel.  She is beautiful, a bright-eyed little girl.  We prayed tonight, Ellie really pleading for God to help her not be in any pain anymore.  She feels very connected to Lucy though she hasn't met her before.  We will continue praying for both families.  My heart aches because I know the anguish that overtakes you.  I know that words offer no comfort.  I know that not much can be said to fill the emptiness in your heart.  So, today, tomorrow, and everyday, I will continue praying for God's will for both of these families.  That's all I can do right now...wish I could do so much more.


  1. dear family


    dear family, my prayers and thoughts are with you all .
    god bless you .yours Gunna from Iceland

  2. Prayers going up from Lillington, NC for all

  3. "The road isn't easy but it is possible."


  4. I am hoping you can help me through my journey... I am just begining it and I have so many emotions I cant breath. I am scared to death and want the best and pray God just change his mind in total. you are welcome to contact me by email or google+ please if you can I just need some comfort in all of this.

  5. I am so very sorry for your loss and your friend's loss. We, too, have lost a son, only ours was a healthy 16yo. on his way to work ten months ago. He never made it to work because he was involved in a car accident and died during the life flight to the hospital. The loss of a child is unlike any other, yet we too, have found strength in God and are seeking to find purpose as a result of losing our son. You mentioned the Grayson project. For us, we launched www.GrievingWithHope.org, a Christian message board for those who have lost a loved one. We've also found great comfort in GriefShare, a weekly support group for the bereaved. It is my hope and prayer that others will find comfort and encouragement through the message board and GriefShare.org. ((hugs)) to you and yours as you walk this terribly long journey through this season of sorrow.

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  7. Dear Heather,
    I don't know how, but I somehow stumbled upon your blog... I have to say, I admire your strength & your trust in the Lord SO much!!! Your family is in my thoughts & prayers!
    God Bless you, Dana

  8. Heather...
    Thanks for share with the world your testimony of life, thanks for such great strength and faith, believe me God is showing his big love for all throught of you. Thanks because you encourage to all people that nothing is impossible if God is our lives.
    God Bless - Dania Moreno (from México)

  9. Dear Heather and family:
    You have an angel who cares you in Heaven :)thanks for your faith and encourage :)I admire a lot!!

    María Valdés from Chile

  10. Hi Heather,
    Every time I read your blog I have tears in my eyes and my heart is beating so fast as I tremble with emotions. I have such deep respect for your strength and positivism, I don't know if I could manage to be as strong if my baby girl, Ellie would have to fight with a disease or worse. I cry even for a little cold she's got...

    Sending you warm hugs

  11. Just a note to wrap you in love and prayer. This is a hard hard journey you are on, living a life with one missing from your arms.

    Our daughter died unexpectedly at term 3.5 years ago and everyday I miss her, everyday I pray for families like yours and the families you mention that are going to go through the worst days of their lives that day as they say good bye to their child, or as they get up and live another day without their child.

    Beautiful things do emerge from the sadness of living this life - and I already see that beauty in you. A heartfelt and joyful appreciation for how precious life is and a compassion and wisdom to help others navigate this journey. What you are doing in Grayson's memory is so loving and kind and well undoubtedly be so very appreciated.

    I wish you much peace and love. Be so gentle on yourself.

    And many blessings to you for brighter days ahead.

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