Our Miracle is Here

Our Miracle is Here
Welcome Little Angel Grayson James Walker

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Grayson Project

So much has happened in the past few months.  Just two weeks ago, we were struggling emotionally over missing Grayson.  Patrick and I are felt like we were at the bottom, hopeless.  Well, not hopeless because we know that God is there, but hopeless that anything positive was going to come out of any of our journey.  Yes, I've had visions for the last year of what could be done through Grayson's short life and our journey through anencephaly, but never, in my wildest dreams did I think it would happen so quickly.

 After a few bad weeks in May and my first mother's day without Grayson, I felt defeated.  Patrick and I knew that we needed someone to come and save us from the pit that we were falling into.  After watching Private Practice on Tuesday night, Grayson's 3 months birthday, I found my self even more emotional.  I felt bitter and angry because I didn't have him with me.  It had hit me.  The realization that Grayson wasn't coming back and that I really just had a baby and had to bury him was too much for me to fathom.  How could I have had a baby and had to bury him within a few days of bringing him into the world?

With a bunch of different emotions running through my head, I clicked the button to upload my beautiful baby boy's photo.  Within 24 hours, I was notified that my photo had been removed because of content!! Content, my baby's face was removed because someone found it offensive.  In a world of sexual media and profanity, my sweet baby's newborn photo was too graphic?! I quickly posted a comment in my frustration, and that's all it took.  With the click of a button, the entire world was shaken.  Within 24 hours, Grayson's photo had done viral.  I'm not putting it lightly either.  I received messages from all over the world, some in different languages.  That's when the fire in my heart came back.  A precious baby boy with a fatal birth defect could shake a nation, a planet?!  Amazing.

Jesus.  Jesus. Jesus.  In the moment of desperation and pain, He came.  He didn't just send someone to rescue us out of the pit...he sent the world to encourage us.  That's how He does things.  Sometimes small and sometimes far bigger than you could ever imagine.  He chose for us, far bigger! I'm so glad He did.  God knew that three months after Grayson's death that the reality was going to hit me.  He knew that Private Practice was going to have a doctor on there that was pregnant with anencephaly.  He also knew that I would be watching it and that I was already an emotional wreck.

Here it goes....in my weakness, His power was made perfect.  He knew.  He knew since the beginning of time that the week of May 12th was going to be a rough one for Heather and Patrick Walker.  So, like He always does, He proved Himself faithful once again.  He showed up and showed off!  What some meant for evil against us...God meant for good.

Our vision for starting something came into fruition within a week.  Now, two weeks later, Grayson Project, is a non-profit organization.  Did I think that it would happen this fast, no.  But, Grayson's story reached across an entire planet and you can't tell me that wasn't God's timing.  I'm happy to say that we planned our first event.  We designed t-shirts with our logo and Psalm 139:13-14.  We had an amazing turn out at the Chik-fil-a in Millingotn.  People came to support Grayson.  They came knowing that God's plan was underway.  After four incredible hours of meeting people and selling shirts, we concluded our first Grayson Project event.


  1. Heather, you are just so amazing. I have so many tears in my eyes! God is so good, and you are right, he is alaways right there. For such a time as this.... God always places us in the right place at the right time. I am so blessed that he placed me in Drummonds, TN, that close to my son's 3rd birthday, a time of the year that is so hard for me, that I would be sent a link to a blog, to find that amazing Mommy lived in my area. I just cannot wait to see what God does through your family and Grayson's story! Thank you thank you thank you for being the courageous woman of God you are!

  2. That's beautiful. The entire world and because God knew you would give Him the credit. I love that scripture. I am a twin born with a birth defect that turned into cancer at 26. I have written my story not yet published and I've included that very scripture. He knew me in my Mother's womb- nothing was hid that was imperfect. He used it for His glory. He uses those who experience trauma that will magnify the story of redemption to a lost and desperate world. Just think when you see Grayson in heaven in his perfect form! What a day that will be! God bless you and keep you both!

  3. How could I purchase a Grayson Project t-shirt? I have already made a donation to the March of Dimes in Grayson's honor (which will soon be turned into a monthly recurring donation) and I would like to do more to help.

  4. His story is beautiful.

    My sister went through a similar loss the first child, the difference is that David was born dead.

    It is great pain, and hurts a lot, but with God on our side everything gets better.

    A big kiss, and I follow your blog.
    Although I did not realize some things Google translator:)

    Karina - Portugal


  5. The lord works in amazing ways. Your family is also amazing. God bless.

  6. i started reading about your family after seeing a headline about what happened with your picture on facebook. as a new mom, my heart breaks for you and my tears don't stop flowing when i think about your sweet son. i praise God with you that he is comforting you and encouraging you in this time. He is using Grayson to touch so many lives and will continue to do so through the Grayson Project.

  7. I also found your blog after reading about the Facebook ordeal. My heart aches for you and your family. I had a daughter in 2002 who was born with multiple birth defects caused by amniotic bands. She had acrania and an open encephalocele. She lived for 6 days. I cannot imagine the pain and anger I would have felt if someone or some website deemed the photos of my baby girl as inappropriate. She was beautiful to me and every one who was lucky enough to know her. These little ones come to us for a reason. We are chosen to be a part of their short journey for a reason. I truly believe that. I am honored to have been chosen to be Vanessa's mother. I'm sure you feel the same way about Grayson. Best wishes and many blessings to you and your family. http://vanessa-lane.memory-of.com/About.aspx

  8. I'm blown away by the love you had for your child, even with a defect you showed the same amount of love.
    We're taught so much hate in this world now days, it's amazing to see love is still there and as powerful as ever.
    Never ever be ashamed, be proud of yourselves and who your son is.
    All children are beautiful, and the gift of life is a great gift to have no matter how long we have it.
    I feel for you and what you have been through, your courage is a true testament to how we should all be now!
    I have 3 beautiful children and love them unconditionally.
    You have the love of the Poole family in New Zealand, unconditionally!

  9. i think you are an incredible and courageous woman..Im glad Grayson lived because now his life has made an impact around the world. I pray your family be blessed..Much love, Evonne, South Africa.